Apartment Appraisal Services

Apartments are a unique type of commercial real estate.  The valuation of apartments require the reconciliation of multiple market indicators such as price per unit, capitalization of net income, and gross income multiplier, which are heavily influenced by location and condition. 

My name is John Gilliam. Having grown up in the apartment industry and worked for industry leaders in the management and development thereof, I have a keen understanding on how to value apartments. As an appraiser, I have worked for appraisal leaders that have fine tuned my apartment valuation expertise. I can provide references from Michael Bergstrom, CFA at Curtis Rosenthal, Inc. and George Koiso, MAI at CBRE.  An excerpt from a third reference has been provided below:

As the Managing Director of the Charlotte, NC office of BBG, I often have work in other areas of the country and need appraisers in our other offices to complete these assignments for my clients. John has been a pleasure to work with each time. His knowledge and attention to detail, in both the analysis and writing of his appraisal reports, has exceeded my expectations. Further, he is exceptional at communicating throughout the appraisal process regarding anything pertinent that I, or my client, may want to know about before report delivery. Finally, his timeliness in report delivery to both myself and my clients has been excellent. Not only have I been impressed with John’s work, but I have received positive feedback directly from my clients about appraisals that he has completed. I believe that speaks volumes as to the quality of his work.

I provide the following multifamily services:

Appraisals for Estate Purposes (Tax Planning)

Partial Interest Appraisals

Appraisals for Financing Purposes (FNMA/Freddie Mac)

Proposed Construction or Re-positioning 

If you are interested in obtaining a certified appraisal of your apartment please give me a call today.

John Gilliam (949) 244-8813 / j.gilliam@roadrunner.com


Client Feedback

John, It was pleasure working with you. Thank you for your efforts! G.S.

You did well.  The loan was approved and your work/report looked detailed. D.