Our goal is to provide a safe clean living environment for every resident to enjoy. As such, we perform criminal background, and credit checks on every resident over the age of 18.

Lease Requirements:

We employ a blended approach to applicant screening in that we blend an applicant’s income, the apartment’s lease rate, and credit history to form a risk assessment score provided by CoreLogic. Consequently, an approved applicant could be strong in one area and weak in another. After an applicant’s ability to pay is assessed, a criminal background check is performed.

As a general rule, we prefer applicants with an income three times the rental rate. But this is a general rule of thumb an not an automatic dis-qualifier. We do work with HUD administered Section 8 but not with privately funded housing programs. We also accept co-signers.

The risk assessment score determines three possible courses of action. The first is approved. In this case, the applicant is not required to provide any further documentation. The second is approved with conditions. In this case, the applicant is required to provide two of their most recent pay stubs.  There is no increase in security deposit. The third is decline.

At the lease signing, each applicant must show legal identification. If you are not sure if your identification will satisfy please give us a call.

Please note, evictions are not an automatic dis-qualifier. As stated, they appear in the overall risk assessment score and will be weighed along with other credit items.

On-Line Payments

All money is paid through our on-line partners of ZellePay. We highly recommend ZellePay because it is a free secure service supported by your major banking institution. We also utilize RentPayment.com for applicants to pay small balances such as an application fee.

Move-in Costs

The total move-in cost is the sum of the full months’ rent, plus tax (2.00%), security deposit ($750) and application fee ($50) for up to two applicants.

To reserve an apartment for a period no greater than two-weeks beyond the availability date all that is required is an approved application, payment of the application fees, and a $100 holding deposit. The holding deposit is applied towards the security deposit. Is fully refundable within 72-hours of the approved application. Or is forfeited upon cancellation. .

Procedure:  1) Complete application below, and 2) Pay application fee.  You will receive an email from our CoreLogic My Rental requesting you complete the data necessary to run the credit / criminal background check.

Renters Insurance: (encouraged)

It is strongly encouraged every resident obtains renters insurance. The benefit more than outweighs the cost,

Pet Policy:

Apartment Management Service believes in the humane and ethical treatment of animals. Restrictions: One dog per household. 10~15 LB maximum. Aggressive breeds are not allowed.

Emotional Support animals are permitted without a fee with the annual submission of a current physicians prescription.

Monthly Pet Rent is $35.00

Additional Security Deposit of $500.

Additional important information:

While no one is perfect, we do perform criminal background checks. We are looking for average credit. Evictions are not an automatic dis-qualifier.

We strictly enforce a FHA Occupancy Guidelines which recommend no greater than 3 persons in a one-bedroom apartment, and 5 in a two-bedroom apartment.

We do accept co-signers.

Disclaimer: To determine eligibility, we utilize a program called Safe Rent which provides a holistic approach to your application. Based on income, credit history, and rental rates, this program measures the likelihood you will pay rent timely. Past credit problems are considered but are not an automatic dis-qualifier. If your application is conditionally approved, you will be asked to provide proof of employment.

Please note that we follow federal fair housing recommendations. Everyone over 18-years of age will need to apply.
This is the income generated by you
If you do not social security number please write none
You will need to present this information at the time of your lease signing.